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Postby Etienne on Fri Aug 12, 2011 18:42

Hi everyone,

Since a few days, the register/records server was down. It is now up again, but you have to install the latest update to access online services :

http://www.nitrostuntracing.com/downloa ... .2.5.7.exe

You can install it directly if you haven't installed the game, or install it over the or version (this is a full install as well as an update)

This update will work on English, French, German and Polish installs, but only English and French are fully translated.

Warning, those who have done their own custom skins must save their ".tex" files since these will be overwritten by the installation.

This version is based on the beta, so it's normal if in the options menu of the game you see "" is the displayed version.
This version fixes the invisible buttons problem of the installer on a 64 bits OS .

Beware, on Vista and Seven 64 bits, follow the instructions of this topic : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=622

Don't hesitate to report any problems you encounter. You can also have a look at the Topics "Technical Assistance" and "Beta test" to verify if your problem has not already been solved.

In this new update, you'll get :

- "LE" multiplayer mode :
--- Playable on LAN and internet (connexion requiered for both)
--- Up to 16 players simultaneously
--- Lots of game options
--- Spectator mode
--- Integrated chat
--- Active pause (A.I replaces player when he presses "Pause" or "Chat" button while racing)
- Twisted Iron Reverse
- Shaders 2.0 support, bloom and depth of field effects
- D-Box Motion code devices support (motion seats)
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