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[X360] Mid-Season Review

[X360] Mid-Season Review

Postby Ashley on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:41

Over the next week or two i'm going to be writing Mid-Season Review's for each of the Leagues on the X360 platform. I intend to write one article per league, so they're going to be very detailed assessments. They will each include:

- A summary of the Championship Standings as they are after Round 10
- A summary of the most exciting, controversial and dramatic moments and races of the season so far
- Interviews from the key players in the leagues
- An independent prediction of the rest of the season

I will also write one article on the position of the Combined Constructors Championship, which will also include interviews from the Team "Leaders" and will talk about the season so far, and the season yet to come.

A key part of these articles will be the interviews with you guys. I will be sending PM's to a lot of people with questions that I would like answering in as much detail as possible over the next week. The interviews will have the same structure as the ones that I use in the Weekly Round-Ups, i.e it won't be a cut-and-dry question and answer session, but i'll just pick up the best quotes and incorporate them into what i'm saying. It shouldn't take any longer than 10 minutes for you to answer the questions and I would really appreciate it if you got them back to me at your earliest opportunity.

I will update this announcement each time I post an article. I hope to get the first few done by the end of the week.

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