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I just realized what does this game prove...

I just realized what does this game prove...

Postby Baboy on Sat Jan 05, 2008 18:05

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Vittorio, more known as Baboy, a long, long time TrackMania player. I also played plenty of CrashDay, some Mad Tracks, I play some racing simulations, and I watch racing too. I've been really into racing sims (despite not going too extreme, also because I don't use a steering wheel for gaming), and the idea of having a fairly realistic driving mechanic with loopy, jumpy and bumpy tracks really excites me. No wonder I enjoy playing this game very much. It is true that at this stage of the game, there's not much content - 3 tracks (if we don't count reverse versions), no multiplayer or track editor is indeed pretty little, but then the price of the game is right for the amount of content. What I want to talk about though, is not the amount of content. What really could be big about this game, which could really elevate it over the other TrackMania-formula games that came out these years, is the "loop simulation". Let me explain this part a bit better.

Some guy in rFactor (great racing sim) started making TrackMania-style tracks with loops, jumps, roads in the air, bankings, stuff like that - and if you use Formula cars, the whole thing is extremely thrilling. I see that NSR is trying to do something similar, and it even succeeds. And that's where real life racing like Formula 1 comes in play. Many people think that Formula 1, as the apex of racing, should really innovate. Toyota thought about that too, so they made a sort of a demo, based on proper calculations - Formula 1 cars COULD drive on ceilings, therefore on loops. The downforce generated by modern F1 cars is enough to keep a car on the ceiling if going at 300-350 km/h - speeds that modern F1 cars do indeed reach. So far, noone ever made something like that in real life - it costs a lot of money to build some kind of loop, and the safety required by F1 standards wouldn't let that happen - yet. But can you imagine a Formula 1 like this in like 10-20 years?


I am certainly thrilled by an idea like that. Back to NSR - featuring a fairly realistic driving model, it does prove something - if a Formula car keeps going at high speed, it can drive on the ceiling for a short period of time, thanks to the downforce. NSR is a futuristic racer, but it's one that does one thing right - confirms that these things CAN BE DONE, and while safety and money issues don't let them happen yet, I'm convinced this will be done sooner or later. As last words, the addition of the G force indicator in the car is really a good idea, as it really shows how does the weight of the car move when going through a loop.

P.S.: This sounds quite sci-fi at the moment, but think about it - it's possible.
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Postby Seb on Sun Jan 06, 2008 9:19

The stage 1 of NSR is really the beggining of NSR adventure. In the next stages, the tracks will defi gravity more and more.
As you are saying, F-Jets needs more downforce to run on walls, reversed track parts (head down), and do extreme moves. As the F-Jets will run faster in stage 2 and 3, than in stage 1, it will be possible to create crazyest tracks ( believe me, I'm running on them, because they exists ... he he he, work in progress).
The team is working hard on the futur tracks to make them really more fun than on the stage 1.
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Postby Fred on Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:45

A very interesting take on the game!!!
The balance of content and features for the price is spot on. The other crucial point for me is also the base quality of the game, and by supporting GameSeed now, we can all look forward to continued development of features and content in the future. I'll toast to that :)
The other exciting element is the close contact on the forums to the games developers, discussing future ideas and features.

Rock on :)
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